put the pressure on

put the pressure on
to try to improve one's position by use of persistence, forcefulness or threats

Idioms and examples. 2014.

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  • put the squeeze on somebody (to do something) — put the ˈsqueeze on sb (to do sth) idiom (informal) to put pressure on sb to act in a particular way; to make a situation difficult for sb • You come straight to me if she tries to put the squeeze on you. • Increased competition is really putting …   Useful english dictionary

  • put the screws on someone — put/tighten/turn/the screws on someone informal phrase to put more pressure on someone to do something, for example by threatening them His creditors were putting the screws on him. Thesaurus: to nag or force someone to do something …   Useful english dictionary

  • put the squeeze on (to) —  Put under pressure.  ► “Windows 95 will not necessarily put the squeeze on Apple Computer Inc.’s Macintosh operating systems.” (Computer Reseller News, Aug. 24, 1995, p. 14) …   American business jargon

  • put the squeeze on — (informal) To extort money from • • • Main Entry: ↑squeeze * * * informal coerce or pressure (someone) …   Useful english dictionary

  • put the screws on — (informal) PRESSURIZE, put pressure on, pressure, coerce, browbeat, use strong arm tactics on; hold a gun to someone s head; informal put the heat on, lean on. → screw * * * phrasal : to exert extreme pressure on put the screws on the small… …   Useful english dictionary

  • put the screws on — informal you don t pay up and my pal Bruno here will put the screws on you, see? Syn: pressure, put pressure on, coerce, browbeat, use strong arm tactics on, strong arm; hold a gun to someone s head; informal turn the heat on, lean on, bulldoze …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • put the screws on someone — AND put the heat on someone; put the squeeze on someone tv. to pressure someone; to threaten someone to achieve something. □ He told everything about the plan when they put the screws on him. □ The cops put the squeeze on Harry, and he spilled… …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

  • put the squeeze on —    If you put the squeeze on someone, you put pressure on them to force them to do something.     Bob was reluctant to work with Ben until the boss put the squeeze on him …   English Idioms & idiomatic expressions

  • put the heat on — cause someone to feel pressure or stress    The cops put the heat on them by asking a lot of questions …   English idioms

  • Put the screws on — apply pressure; intimidate; coerce: put the screws on a debtor …   Dictionary of Australian slang

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